Plant South Salesroom 植南门市部

More about Plant South Salesroom 植南门市部

Plant South Salesroom originates from a Plant Humanities research project, “A Global History of The Pineapple”, and was later developed as an activity planning and action group. Plant South Salesroom, as a group, focuses on culture-oriented projects through cross-scale and multimedia approaches, such as writing, spatial experience design, community management, art exhibition and performance, as well as strategic urban activity initiative. Through the lens of plant, Plant South Salesroom aims to reinterpret the historical entanglements and interactive social networks, thus reshaping connections between business, culture, and human.

* Plant South Salesroom is now preparing a plant-humanities-oriented monthly Tabloid. Studying, writing, and communicating with each plant individual would offer us a new way to understand ourselves and our connections to the ground we stand.

Plant Walk 植物行走

Initiated by Plant South Salesroom 植南门市部, "Plant Walk 植物行走" re-explores the urban artificial nature in the lens of built environment and Plant Humanities, such as corner greenery, flower beds, street trees, and public parks. "Plant Walk 植物行走" aims to challenge the common binary between nature and culture- especially from the perspective of urban weeds- and also to invite participants to re-understand the relationship between human and city, as well as human and nature.

Details of 6 Plant Walks (PW)

2021/10/17 PW01: 植物行走与手工工作坊 @城市交集 URBANCROSS Gallery

2022/06/05 PW02: 城市造林 @城市交集 URBANCROSS Gallery
① Writings on this Plant Walk and its focus on street trees for The Paper.
② A reinterpretation of this Plant Walk by Yining as a participant, see "#05 武康路看野草,继续思考的契机 // 解封后才知道对绿地有多渴望" for the highlight of urban weeds.

2022/11/05 PW03: 好公社新空间开幕活动 @赤峰路81号共创空间
① A brief introduction of this Plant Walk from the official event review.
A Shanghai Observer's article includes and introduces this Plant Walk as a way of re-understanding and re-connecting the relationship between residents and the nearby through the agency of plants.

2022/12/06 PW04: 校园人造景观中的自然与文化 @同济大学国际劳育基地第一期主题开放夜活动
Official open call for this Plant Walk, including detailed activity explanations both in Chinese and English.

2023/03/04 PW05: 植物城市 Urban Plant Inhabitant @假杂志2023开春书会
Official open call for this Plant Walk among all workshops organized for the Art Book Festival.
② See "「植物世民」行事历 | 2023春" for a brief introduction of the term {植物世民 Plant Inhabitant} inspired by this Plant Walk, as well as two following initiatives based on the idea of {植物世民 Plant Inhabitant}- including the launch of "Plant Life Interviews 植物访谈计划".

2023/03/25 PW06: 邀请植物做邻居 @FREITAG上海店开幕活动
Official open call for this Plant Walk, see details from the OPENING EVENT section.
② See "门市部倡议 | 植物世民档案计划" for the launch of {植物世民档案计划 Plant Inhabitant Archive Initiative} along with this Plant Walk.
③ See media reports of this Plant Walk along with the opening of Freitag flag store in China, such as 第一财经YiMagazine, AssBook设计食堂, 品牌星球Brandstar.

Plant Humanities Online Co-learning and Writing Study Group

See Detailed Arrangements

WK1: Plant Humanities Research Framework; Writing Proposal Outline; Discussion

WK2: Plant-oriented Desk Research; Observe and Record as A Researcher; Discussion

WK3: Writing Proposal Sharing and Peer Review I

WK4: Tracing the History of Everyday Objects; How to start a nonfiction writing; Discussion

WK5: Binaries from the Plant Humanities Framework; Discussion

WK6: Writing Proposal Sharing and Peer Review II

WK7-9: Individual Writing

Ji Gu Chuan Hua - Plant Life Interviews
击鼓传花 - 植物访谈计划

Ji Gu Chuan Hua 击鼓传花 is a folk game in China, meaning “beat the drum and pass the flower.” When the drum got hit, the people surrounded start to pass the flower. Whoever has the flower when the drumbeat stops, would give a performance in the playing group.

Ji Gu Chuan Hua - Plant Life Interviews follows the format of this folk game, is a relaxed and lively interview log of pan-plant life, recording the diverse daily life of observing, caring for, and studying plants. This Initiative is continuously updating on the Wechat Account of 植南门市部 Plant South Salesroom each Friday since March 2nd, 2023.

If you are interested in sharing your daily story with plants, please feel free to leave a message on our Wechat Account (植南门市部 Plant South Salesroom), or send an email to Both Chinese and English are accepted.