Jiang’s research focuses on the reinterpretation and reintroduction of the Chinese garden into modern discourse as a critical instrument to document China’s continuous cultural traditions. He is currently exploring the burgeoning field of Plant Humanities, examining the potential of applying this non-human centered theoretical structure into Chinese Garden studies.

For practice, Jiang has co-initiated an activity planning and action group, Plant South Salesroom 植南门市部, to reinterpret the historical entanglements and interactive social networks around plants through cross-scale and multimedia culture-oriented approaches, such as "Plant Walk 植物行走”, “Plant Humanities Online Co-learning and Writing Study Group 植物共学写作工作坊", "Plant Life Interviews 植物访谈计划", and forthcoming monthly "Plant Tabloid 植物小报".

For research, Jiang is independently framing a Plant Humanities Research Structure concerning China's contexts, and has joined several plant-related projects as a freelance researcher, such as the "Our City Flower 我们的市花" exhibited at the 2022 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) Longhua Sub-venue.

For more information, please contact yj4msc@virginia.edu 😊